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Nate Dittmar

Nate has led hundreds of incident response collections, digital forensic investigations, and provides advisory and consultation on strengthening security postures. Having served in a similar capacity for both the Mayo Clinic and Apple, Inc., Nate brings years of technical and forensic experience to CFS.

Nate is often our client's initial point-of-contact in managing data collection, determining the scope of a project, and providing quick and accurate analysis results. Nate guides and advises legal teams and individuals alike in how to best handle, incorporate, and present digital evidence for their case.

As Vice President of Forensic Services, Nate is instrumental in organizing the timeline of a project from its onset to completion. In helping to determine the necessary steps to successfully complete a project, Nate assists clients in obtaining the most efficient and cost-effective results.

Nate regularly conducts training sessions for attorneys and law enforcement agencies aimed at informing attendees about the importance of digital evidence.


Nate has received training in digital forensics from the SANS Institute. 


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