Management Team | Computer Forensic Services
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Management Team

Mark Lanterman

Mark Lanterman has over 11 years of law enforcement experience as a police investigator, culminating as a member of the U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force. Lanterman has successfully led thousands of forensic investigations with large legal organizations, Fortune 500 corporations and governmental organizations. Lanterman is recognized as an expert witness and is frequently asked to speak at national and international conferences. He is often appointed as a court appointed computer forensics expert. Lanterman received recognition from the Director of the U.S. Secret Service for his contributions to law enforcement.

Nate Dittmar

Nate Dittmar has led hundreds of incident response collections and computer forensic investigations. Before joining CFS, Mr. Dittmar worked in a similar capacity for both the Mayo Clinic and Apple, Inc. He regularly hosts hands-on training sessions for law enforcement aimed at educating officers in the benefits of digital evidence, including cell phones. Mr. Dittmar is certified by the Public Agency Training Council (PATC) in mobile device forensics and has been accredited by Apple as a certified technician.

Carolyn Engstrom

Ms. Engstrom is both a CPA and CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor), who brings over 15 years of security and audit experience to CFS. She has previously worked in such a capacity for both Target Corporation and Deloitte where she was key in conducting information security audits and developing internal standards and testing methodologies for system edit, data interface, report integrity, application access, change control, and change management control types. Most recently, Carolyn served as IT audit manager for the State of Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor, where she coordinated with the Deputy Legislative Auditor to define an IT Audit Strategic Plan which addressed 10 year, 5 year, and 3 year goals supported by 3 year Tactical Plans. Carolyn also planned and executed Information Technology Audits for Executive and Judicial branch agencies on behalf of the Legislature using applicable standard frameworks.

Bill Michael

After having served as a police officer for 22 years, Bill Michael brings a vast amount of law enforcement experience to CFS. Mr. Michael has led dozens of computer forensic investigations as well as search warrants throughout his career. He has earned his Basic Computer Evidence Recovery Training from the U.S. Secret Service and is recognized as a Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist by the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Michael has previously assisted as an instructor for NW3C’s (National White-Collar Crime Center) computer forensic program.